Atlantic City 

Smart City Transportation Master Plan

The Smart City Transportation Master Plan for Atlantic City establishes a clear vision, mission, and goals for the future development of Atlantic City’s physical and digital transportation infrastructure. This plan is a City-Wide Technology Roadmap emphasizing transportation safety, efficiency, and accessibility. The plan caters to a wide range of users and user profiles. It also provides a comprehensive assessment of the current transportation landscape in Atlantic City, including available technologies, and proposes the gradual integration of additional technologies. This plan presents strategic initiatives that Atlantic City can embrace for long-term progress, taking into account important factors such as policy considerations and cybersecurity. Various systems were reviewed and are summarized in this document. Deployment of these systems were then broken into 17 separate projects which are characterized by tier and deployment timeframe.

Smart City Transportation Master Plan

Smart_City_Transportation_Master_Plan_083023 - Screen Version.pdf

Smart City Transportation Master Plan Appendices